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    Unanswered: subtotaling on multiple subforms????

    Access 2002. I have a main form with a subform and then a subform within that subform. Both subforms have unbound text boxes that are subtotaling the records on their respective subform. The subforms are shown on the main form in datasheet view meaning that only the records are shown for the first subform. to view the records for the 2nd subform for each record on the 1st subform you must expand using the plus sign. See the attachment. My issue is that I want to see the subtotals from the 2nd subform on their respective line on the 1st subform. I cannot get this to happen. I have all the correct syntax for referencing fields on subforms. What does happen, is that on the 1st subform in the text that is supposed to show the second subforms subtotal. I get #error or I get the same value all of the way down the line. Is there a way to do this? Thanks, don't forget to view the attachement.

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