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    Question Unanswered: Streams: insert conflict and delete vs update conflict

    - I need help in building logic/sample code for following two situation.
    - delete vs update operation ( DB1 and DB2)
    When the record is deleted from DB1 and is being updated from DB2 at same time.
    Result is: Data inconsistancy in two databases. Records exists on DB2 and deleted from DB1. How to prevent this situation?

    - Insert conflict: ?
    How to prevent insert conflict even after using odd/even
    combination for unique keys.
    Please see this example:

    one recore each got inserted into DB1 and DB2
    using Odd/Even IDs: Relication Successful

    DB1 DB2
    PO_header PO_header
    ID Vend Desc ID Vend Desc
    1 STAR software 1 STAR Software
    2 CAFE software 2 CAFE Software

    One detail record inserted on DB1 and got replicated: Successful
    PO_detail PO_detail
    ID Item price ID Item Price
    1 abc1 $10 1 abc1 $10

    What happens when follwoing lines gets inserted into
    DB1 and DB2 for same item but different price.
    PO_detail PO_detail
    ID Item price ID Item Price
    1 abc2 $15 1 abc2 $22
    Both the databases are now inconsistent.
    Apply Error indicates "Unique constraints violated"
    How to prevent this .... ?

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    I suggest that you ask the vendor of the software application how best to solve the problems you described.
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