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    Exclamation Software requirement document

    Dear reader,

    On this moment am i writing a Software requirement document, witch i will send to software suppliers.
    We already have some Systems (databases) running of our own, but i want that the new system also uses this databases.

    Now is my question, What is important to add in this document about information of our excisting systems?

    so that the software suppliers can tell us better what they can offer.

    Thank you,

    with best regards,

    Danny Slingerland

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    Depends on what you're shopping for.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    if you want to lead an exciting life and have budget issues I'd tell you possible suppliers nothing at all about your systems & requirements. That way round whnew the project goes t!ts up you can spend happy hours firefighting and arguing with accountants of budget cuts.

    Failing that more is better, although perhaps you shouldn't put out entirely on the first date.

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