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    Unanswered: Query Informix table in command line

    I would really appreciate if somebody can help on answering the following two questions…
    I have basic knowledge in oracle SQL query. The current Job I’m working requires Informix.
    In oracle SQL Plus , the table names can be found by , “select * from tab” . what is the replacement in Informix. I need to do this from the command line . Example after doing “dbaccess <dbName> - -“

    Once I dumped the table names , what is the command to describe the attributes. In oracle we do “ desc <table_name> . What is the replacement in Informix.
    Thanks a lot

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    After issuing the 'dbaccess' command, enter:

    select tabname from systables where tabid >= 100;

    In IDS 9.4, for example, tabname is defined as NVARCHAR(128). You might want to narrow down the length of that by using something like:

    select tabname[1,32] from systables where tabid >= 100;

    Also, tables with a tabid < 100 are reserved.

    For more information about this, see the IBM Informix Guide to SQL: Reference. That manual describes the system tables for you. There is also a DB-Access User's Guide. You can find the manuals online at

    To get the details of individual tables, you would use the 'dbschema' command. For example:

    dbschema -d <database> -t <tablename>


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    Also if you want to see the data from the command line you can use

    dbaccess dbname <<!!
    select here

    this will dump the data to the screen

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    Thanks a lot ...

    Thanks a lot ...

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