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    Unanswered: Kicking off replication agents with Script

    Hi all,

    I have 5 laptops, 1 laptop with SQL Server 2000 and the other 4 with SQL Server MSDE Rel A. I had a "Merge Replication" scheme that I had to set up. The laptop with 2000 will be the main Publisher/distributor and publishes/merges to two of the MSDE laptops(these laptops have pull subscriptions that pull from the 2000 laptop). These 2 MSDE laptops in turn Re-publish their data to the last 2 laptops and my scheme ends there. I have succesfully been able to Script this entire "Merge Replication" scheme, and I ran it. It creates all Components needed for my scheme to work.

    1 issue though. It doesnt kick start the agents , so the replication scheme is just dormant.

    Does anyone have any examples of scripts that I could use to kick off all the agents (snapshot,merge agents etc) and maybe to stop them too. I seriously need this, because we will need to have the entire process scripted.



    Also does anyone have sample scripts to alter settings for the SQL SERVER AGENT, for example altering its "Log On" parameter to allow a particular user with Admin privileges and also to switch its start mode to "Automatic"

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    Has anyone used the "sp_startpublication_snapshot" procedure. When the Snapshot Agent is started, does this mean all other Agents automatically start - up?

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