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    Unanswered: I have a tough question. Need to transfer filteref data from 1 database to another!


    I have two databases which are identical in structure. One is called stats and the other is called statistics.

    I have a program in php (encoded by zend hence I cannot make any changes to it) that updates the stats database tables with data. However I need to filter this data to trim it down and insert it into the statistics database tables.

    I want this to happen everytime a record is added in the stats table. So i guess i will be using triggers. I am using pgadmin III.

    Can anyone think of a solution to this? Your help will be appreciated!

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    I'm not sure about a total solution to your problem. I do know that you can open only one database at a time (normally), although some front end software can access multiple databases using different users. If you want to access multiple databases, look at dbLink, a contributed PostgreSQL utility. Hope that gets you started!

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