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    Unanswered: Generating script for existing sql jobs

    we have a database and we are planning to deploy the database on another Box. I have database tables,stored procedures,views,user defined functions,triggers and some jobs on this database. So instead of restoring a back of this database we are planning to create the whole environment by using the sql scrtipts. So I know how to generate the sql script for all the objects(using generate sql script at database level) but how can I get the script for my Sql Jobs. How can I copy all the sql jobs onto the the new Box.


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    In Enterprise Manager, if you right click on the job and select "all tasks" you will be able to generate a script for that job.

    If you have many jobs to move, you could do a restore of the msdb database on your new server since the SQL Server Agent jobs are maintained in the msdb database.

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