Hi guys,

Doing some reasearch I understand this problem happends when a record (s) is(are) deleted from tha main dimension table. So when you try to incrementally process the dimension, this problemas pops up.

I can incrementaly process the dimension with the original data and it all finishes ok. Then I insert some records and incrementally process again and everythink ok. Then I try to insert new records, But for some reason the secuence or related key members for the new records are rejected in an incremental update. The issue here is that when I insert new records that are related or joined with the main dimension structure in the first level everything goes ok. But when I try to do the same with records that fit in the 5th or 6th level, everything goes wrong.

The problem here is that I need to keep the data that is already in the cube.
It has over 3 years of data, and I dont think it is a wise call to re-process it again. Specially if it is on a production environment. The issue is that if I can not get the new members in the dimension I can not load the data for the next year/month.

I am using a parent-child dimension and AS2000 with SP4. No records have been deleted, maybe a field could have been added to the original table structure.

I see some posts are from year 2002, so I guess there must some wisdom acumulated during this time, related to a workaround or fix to this error.

Any help, will be greatly appreciated.