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    Unanswered: Execute Multiple SQL statements in Stored Proc

    Hi, I have a table containing SQl statements. I need to extract the statements and execute them through stored procedure(have any better ideas?)

    Table Test

    Id Description

    1 Insert into test(Id,Name) Values (1,'Ron')
    2 Update Test Set Name = 'Robert' where Id = 1
    3 Delete from Test where Id = 1

    In my stored procedure, i want to execute the above statements in the order they were inserted into the table. Can Someone shed some light on how to execute multiple sql statements in a stored procedure. Thanks


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    I hope this will help u.
    --Insert statement
    --insert into Test values(1, 'Insert into test(Id,Name) Values (1,''Ron'')')

    declare @sql varchar(8000)
    select @sql=Description from Test where Id=1
    --print @sql
    exec (@sql)
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    Sounds like homework. What have you tried?

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