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    Scared of High Cost Computer Repair Troubles...OhareComputers offers $49.99 flat rate

    Is your computer, hard drive, CD-ROM, monitor, or other device running slow, making noise, or not booting or starting up at all?

    Does your PC experience errors, beeps, blue screens, crashing or or other failure?

    Do you have internet, e-mail, installation, printing or other failures?

    End your computer frustration today. Stop wasting time and money trying to fix your computer problems.

    In Ohare Computers you do not have to be scared any more. Our dedicated and highly trained staff will fix and resolve any computer and network problems. You do not have to pay high rates any more. We will come to you and fix your computer in your house or office at one flat rate $49.99.

    1. Operating System Service
    2. Hardware Services
    3. Data Recovery and Backup
    4. Linux Server Installation
    5. Network Installation
    6. Virus and Spyware Removal

    For more information visit us at
    toll free number (877)462-9729

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    Ohare Computers Services

    Ohare Computers provides all kind of computer repair and upgrade services. We will fix your computer problems anywhere, in your place or in ours at one flat rate.

    In addition, our technicians will work with you to optimize your computer's efficiency and usability by customizing and upgrading your system. We're happy to advise you when you are considering replacing your current computer equipment.

    Hard drive crashes, computer viruses, and BIOS failures are only a few of the problems that can hamper your computer's performance.

    The internet has brought many new challenges to computer users. Viruses, Trojans, spyware, adware, spam and popups has become major source of computer problems that cost businesses and homeusers money. Our technicians are professionals in isolating and correcting problems that your computer may encounter.

    for more informations,
    ph (847)208-8957
    toll free (877)462-9729

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    We offer wide range of Computer Service, Networking and Education in the following areas:

    Northern Suburbs
    Western Suburbs
    Southern Chicago

    Ohare Computers technical staff is available 24/7 to fix your computer problems.

    Give us a call 847-208-8957 or request an appointment through our contact form .

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    computer service only for $49.99

    We strive to consistently keep our prices lower than you'll probably find anywhere else for the professional quality work we do.
    Our pricing is always straight forward with no hidden charges, unlike many of our competitors. You pay only for the services you need, when you need them.

    Our competitors often try to hide their high costs by making you purchase extra services, whether you want them or not. That's not a good deal for Ohare Computers customers.

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    All services are with one flat hourly rate
    Computer service shoudn't be so expensive. Stop paying for the names. Pay only for good service.

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    • All Of The Services Listed Belove Are Charged With The Flat Rate Of $49.99

    • On-Site Computer Repairs and Upgrade
      Software/Hardware Installation
      Memory Upgrades
      Printer / Scanners / Cameras Installation & Configuration
      Operating System Installation/Upgrades
      Automated Back Up Systems

    • Virus Protection , Firewall Protection , Spyware Removal
      Virus Removal and Repair
      Disaster Recovery Prevention
      Firewall Configurations
      Privacy and Security Analysis
      Spyware Removal, Prevention and Education
      FREE! Spyware Software

    • Emergency Data Recovery
      Data Backup
      Failed Hard Drive Recovery
      Missing Data Recovery
      System File Errors
      Dedicated white room

    • Home/ Office Network Installation and Repair
      Wired / Wireless Networks
      File and Printer Sharing
      Windows 2000 / Windows 2003 Server
      Roaming Profiles
      Remote Monitoring / Maintenance

    • Remote Support , Onscreen Support and Maintenance
      Quick and cost effect solutions for virus/spyware issues
      Security Patch Updates
      Antivirus Cross Checks
      Hardware Failure and Security Monitoring
      Inventory and License Management
      256 K RC4 Security Encryption for your security

    • Complete IT Management, Client Support
      Multi-location Computer Support
      Virtual Service Manager - Service call monitoring
      Outsourced Warranty Contracts
      Remote Maintenance Packages
      24-7 Support

    • Remote Computing VPN SolutionsVirtual Private Network
      Global Employee Network Access
      Site to Site Solutions
      ShowMeMyPC by GOT
      Remote Onscreen Maintenance in minutes

    • IT Consulting
      Network Strategy
      Security Assessments
      Remote Computing Options
      Cost Analysis
      eMarketing Strategies

    • On-Site Tutoring and Education
      Friendly In home tutoring
      Email, Windows, Software , Linux, Unix
      Microsoft Office
      and much more.

    • Web Site Hosting

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