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Thread: Btrieve File?

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    Angry Unanswered: Btrieve File?


    I have a Standalone Btrieve file, is there anyway to extract the data out in a nicely presented format?

    I have no ddf file but i have a .DES file with the following in it

    record=42 variable=y key=1 page=512

    position=1 length=9 duplicates=n modifiable=y type=lstring alternate=n null=n segment=n

    Please...any help would be great, I tried using BUTIL - SINDEX ***** ***** but error 12 came up ?


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    First, the DES is just a Description file that gives the record size, page size and index information.
    Second, unless you know the exact structure it's going to be hard to extract the data.
    If you know the structure, you can create a set of DDFs and use ODBC to extract the data. You'll need a fairly recent version of the Pervasive engine to have ODBC drivers though.
    For more on ODBC and Btrieve, check out
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    I know that the structure is a abbreviated code, then a description of what the code means...

    I could paste all the content of the file here...but not too sure if this would help at all?

               * . ╓ c  e К   d    ╓   
     ╗          X25/EOD Hy    X5/1/3 bF    X5/2/.5 дл    X5/EOD ьx    X5/EOT д    XAR1 (    XENTY ь^    XHCD CAT ь*    XHDD CAT +    XHHD DOG b*    XHID DOG Р*    XHKD DOG ╛*    XIB2 b╝    XINFL ╥     XOM Р    XPREM vy    XTABALT v)    XTAKTIK Рx    XTROIDS1 v     XVIBB ╥}  ЙT1/2/5 'Give ONE tablet TWICE a day for  T1.5/2 -Give ONE & ONE HALF tablets morn  PHALA +Mix 1/2 tsp of powder to 2 litre  L1/2UF $Give 1 ml twice daily till finis  T.5/2UF -Give HALF a tablet TWICE daily t  T2/2UF +Give TWO tablets TWICE daily til  T1W Give ONE tablet ONCE weekly.     T.5/1 .Give HALF a tablet ONCE A DAY, o  T1/2UF +Give ONE tablet TWICE daily unti  OEAR1 ,Put 2-8 drops in affected ear(s)  TLARG *Give 1 tablet 2-3 hours before s Q         5 days. ing and nightuntil finished. s of water. hed. ill finished. l finished. aily. r as directed. l finished. ONCE daily.Massage the base of the ear. ONCE daily. TWICE daily. 3 times daily. ONCE daily. TWICE daily. 3 times daily 4 times daily 6 times daily HOURLY. every minutefor FIVE minutes every HOUR. daily. aily. aily. daily withfood. ╖дЫТ  ЗZN  <*ў х ╒ ╞ ─ Ш Й w n _ N F 7   .ДO1 +Apply ointment to affected area  O2 ,Apply ointment to affected area  O3 .Apply ointment to affected area 
    LEYE1 ,Put 1-2 drops in affected eye(s)  LEYE2 -Put 1-2 drops in affected eye(s)  LEYE3 .Put 1-2 drops in affected eye(s)  LEYE4 .Put 1-2 drops in affected eye(s)  LEYE6 .Put 1-2 drops in affected eye(s)  LEYEH (Put 1-2 drops in affected eye(s)  LEYEH5 -Put 1-2 drops in affected eye(s)  OEYE1 "To the affected eye(s) ONCE dail    ZИOEYE2 'To the affected eye(s) TWO times  OEYE3 %To the affected eye(s) 3 times d  OEYE4 %To the affected eye(s) 4 times d  OEYE6 %To the affected eye(s) 6 times d  S1WK2 Spray once weekly.     S2XWK Spray two times weekly.     S1AILY Spray once daily.     JINJD Inject as directed     XTROIDS1'One tab each morning for one wee  PRED -Give 3 tabs in morning 3 days, t  XINFL )Give 3 tablets every SECOND morn    ╣         LVETRE д#    LVIB |    LVISORB "    LVV15 _    LVV2 ╥i    O ╛(    O1     O2 4    O3 b    O4 ╥_    OASD д_    OEAR1 д    OEYE1 ╥     OEYE2 
     у   O C1WEEK С C L.25/2 4" 9 L1.5/1 H ] L2.5/3 ve - L50MG ╛> b LE3X52 v  LEYE3 ь Y LMET0.1 b░ K LUGOL'S ьА  OEYE3 4
    L PBISOLV ╥  T 1/3 k I T.25/OV ╛H , T.5/3 H) T1.5ADLI д9 _ T1/3 Р A T1/EOD дc  T2/1/2 ╛4 ( T45/3 ╥5  TBDOD ь W TPR1 4R 6 TV.5 ╛ X25 b(  f     k, THEN,One tab every SECOND morning until finished. hen 3 tabletsevery other morning for 5 days. ing for 3days.$Then 2 tablets every SECOND morning. until incont--inence is controlled, then gradually lengthen&period between tablets to once weekly. equired. 7 TWIuired. IT IN ONE WEEK'S TIME PLEASE. every SECONDday. 2 days , then ONE tablet daily until finished. REE times aday. et TWICE a day , then stop for 4 days. ═│бО]I*   Б
    й s C WЙTSTIL -Give ONE tablet EVERY THIRD day  T/B ADLI(Give ONE tablet TWICE daily as r  TASD Give as directed.     L.5/2 &Give 0.5 ml TWICE daily till fin  T.25/2 )Give ONE QUARTER of a tablet TWI  T1/1/5 Give ONE tablet ONCE a day.     L10TID Give 10ml THREE times a day.     L1.5/1 -Give 1.5ml once daily for 14 day . TACP5 (Give ONE tablet 2-3 hours before Q TLAS .Give HALF a tablet TWICE daily f
    L2.5/2F #Give 2.5ml TWICE a day for fitti  
    b      or 3 days,then+QUARTER of a tablet TWICE daily for 4 days.+FOLLOW UP VISNE-QUARTER tablet DAILY until finished. er.Give this only by mouth. ly as required. days+then give tablets every other morning fordays. requireddisssolved GIVEN WITH FOOD. required. R times daily. ily until finished. Bisolvin per5kg bodyweight). t daily infood. E
    one hour before desired effectRD day. ry second day. y till finished. ╤╛мбБlK5#ю ┤ в   Г Y А °ИPVYTRATE#Mix both packets with 2 l of wat
    LEARS *Apply to each ear twice daily fo 3 L5ML Give 5 ml daily.     XOM &Give tablets in morning for
    TV.5 Give HALF a tablet today.-then O
    LATROP $One drop to affected eye as ofte = X/4BD )Give ONE QUARTER tablet TWICE da
    T1/3BID 'Give ONE THIRD of a tablet TWICE Q PMSM *Give 1/4 tsp per 45 kg bodyweigh
    L25MGBD Give 25 mg twice daily by mouth. "
    PBISOLV -Sprinkle on food twice daily-(1g

    Й          T.5/4 4(    T.5/EOD bА    T.5/THIR ╥u    T.5/W i    T.5ACP HM    T.5AS ьМ    T.5EOD Рt    T.5SADLB ╥    T.5TOLF vЭ    T.66/2 ╥c    T.75/1 ╛V    T.75/2 Р"    T.75EOD ь     T/345 48    T/B ADLI 4    T0.5/1 Р░    T1-2ACP Р4    T1.25/1 Р^    T1.25/2 ь>    T1.2VIB ╥y    T1.5/1 v    T1.5/2 4    T1.5/3 дk    T1.5/4UF HG    T1.5/EOD дБ
    ЙT.25OD (Give ONE QUARTER of a tablet ONC  TRMAINT $Give ONE to TWO tablets per 25-5 M TDISP (Give TWO tablets TWICE daily as
    X/4-1 *Give 3/4 tablet ONCE daily until = T1AD %Give ONE tablet every SECOND mor = TBDOD .Give ONE tablet TWICE daily for  LEARBD )Apply to the affected ear(s) twi " T1ODADLI)One HALF a tablet ONCE a day as  T1.5/1 'Give ONE & ONE HALF tablets once  T4.5OD Give 4.5 tablets ONCE a day.     T.5SADLB-Give ONE HALF a tablet ONCE dail          a day. y as required
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