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    Unanswered: execute sql script from mysql command prompt

    hello everyone
    i would like to execute a .sql file located at d:\ say gh.sql from my
    mysql command line prompt window.

    Also i would like to know how to produce a xml or html output if i query a
    table in mysql.For eg say there is a 'person' table in mysql containing name,
    age,address etc is it possible to redirect the output to a xml or html file if
    i query the person table using a select statement from mysql command line

    please give examples,

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    for the first one, use source. see source in MySQL Docs for more info and examples.
    and for the second you should use -X option of mysqld, see mysql-command-options


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    thanks chagh for your reply i am using mysql 4.1.14 and i would like some
    examples to illustrate the concept ,as the documentation has no examples.the docs simply say --xml produce xml output or --html produce html output

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