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    Unanswered: memory configuration on cluster

    Hi folks, i am having a swere Paging and memory bottleneck problem on my production server.
    Machine spec:
    2.9 GHz Xeon Dual
    3.8 GB RAM.
    SAN for separately Raided Data and Log files.
    The box configured with Dynamic memory allocation and Reserve SQL memory unchecked formerly.
    In performance monitor i've following stats:
    Memory: pagefaults 6153
    Memory: pages/sec 5000
    SQL Buffermanager: hit ratio 90-100
    Processor: persec 40-50
    Processor queue length 1-2
    Diskactivity: Datafile read/write 70-80
    Diskactivity: Logfile read/write 1-5
    total server memory=1.6GB, i've configured it for 3GB
    Target Server Memory = 1.6GB.

    Issues: Why total server memory is 1.6 GB?
    In the task manager; 1.5 GB RAM is free.
    I want this to be utilized by SQL Server
    For this; i set up SQL for fix memory allocation upto 3GB with Reserve Physical Memory checked.
    I did so by pausing the inactive node via cluster-admin tool , setting the memroy on active node and took the active node offline and then back to online.
    Now in PERFORMANCE MONITOR; i still see total server memory=1.6GB, Target Server Memory = 1.6GB.
    1.5 GB is free in the OS.

    Lookin for you suggestions!
    Your time and help shall be highly appreciated!
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