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    Hi All !

    let's say I have three instances of db2 on a linux o/s
    1. db2inst1
    2. db2inst2
    3. db2inst3

    let us say I am currently connected using the id for db2inst1, which makes it my current instance.
    in that case a db2stop would stop db2inst1
    now my question is:
    is it possible to issue a db2stop for say db2inst2 or db2inst3 ? if yes, what do I have to do ? if not, how would I issue a db2stop for db2inst2 or db2inst3.


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    If you read the manual, you would have found that only the "current" instance can be stopped. That means that only the instance owner (db2inst1, db2inst2, db2inst3) can shutdown their own instance.


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    I think you can also change the DB2INSTANCE environment variable to point to the appropriate instance and, if your login id is in the SYSADM group for that instance, db2stop will work.

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