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    Question Unanswered: postgresql transaction log file

    Hi all,
    Is there any body to help me to find out where is my database transaction log file located? My database is postgresql. In the case that I need to setup an option in server to save all the database transactions (insert, update, delete) in a log file , please let me know, I tried to find this file , but no success!
    Thanks ,
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    Mine is located at the following location (running on windows)..

    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks for letting me know, I found it. Mine is different from yours. It is on /var/log/postgres .
    Maybe it can help to someone else.

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    In my folder ../pg_log I found many files, but There's no registry for any database transactions (insert, update, delete)... need I configure postgres.conf ... how??

    I'm using postgres 8.0 on WinXP and 8,1 on Suse 10 and in both have no registry for transactions (insert, update...)

    example: C:\Arquivos de programas\PostgreSQL\8.0\data\pg_logpostgresql-2006-01-10_201226.log

    2006-01-10 21:12:30 LOG: database system was interrupted at 2006-01-08 14:06:11 Horário brasileiro de verão
    2006-01-10 21:12:10 LOG: checkpoint record is at 0/BF2990
    2006-01-10 21:12:10 LOG: redo record is at 0/BF2990; undo record is at 0/0; shutdown TRUE
    2006-01-10 21:12:10 LOG: next transaction ID: 1619; next OID: 25604
    2006-01-10 21:12:10 LOG: database system was not properly shut down; automatic recovery in progress
    2006-01-10 21:12:10 LOG: record with zero length at 0/BF29D0
    2006-01-10 21:12:10 LOG: redo is not required
    2006-01-10 21:12:11 LOG: database system is ready

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