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    Unanswered: parimeter value = cbdepartment box?

    The new popup box is called enter parimeter value and actually inside the popup it shows the department I selected but doesn't enter it in automatically (from the value you already selected) as the value leaving you to type it in.

    Dim sManagerSource As String
    Private Sub cbdepartment_AfterUpdate()

    sEmployeeSource = "SELECT Name, DepartmentID From tblEmployees " & _
    "WHERE DepartmentID = " & cbdepartment.Value
    cbemployees.RowSource = sEmployeeSource

    End Sub

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    why do you need a pop up form to set a parameter? Is this the same problem you had earlier with sub forms.

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    Here's something I put together that may give you some ideas about making time periods and other criteria dynamic which is what I THINK you are trying to do.

    The free downloadable sample database at uses the query by form concept so that on the invoices dialog one can optionally choose a rep, a customer, and perhaps a date range, click on a button that says "Input," and then have the invoice form open up showing all the invoices that match the criteria.

    And here is how the query by form concept can work.

    On the invoices dialog there are the following controls:
    InvDateMin with DefaultValue of =DateSerial(Year(Date())-1,1,1)
    InvDateMax with DefaultValue of =Date()
    InvRepNum with DefaultValue of *
    InvCustNum with DefaultValue of *

    Also on the invoices dialog there is a command button called cmdInput to open the invoices form with the following code behind the OnClick property:
    DoCmd.OpenForm "frmInv"

    And of course there could be a button to open a report the same way:
    DoCmd.OpenReport "rptInv", acViewPreview

    The invoices form (frmInv) has RecordSource property of qryInv.

    And the qryInv query's criteria for the InvDate field has:
    Between [Forms]![frmInvDialog]![InvDateMin] And [Forms]![frmInvDialog]![InvDateMax]

    And the qryInv query's criteria for the RepNum field has:
    Like [Forms]![frmInvDialog]![InvRepNum]

    And the qryInv query's criteria for the CustNum field has:
    Like [Forms]![frmInvDialog]![CustNum]

    One related point is that you probably wouldn't want to allow blanks (i.e. Nulls) in fields that are going to be used with Like in any criteria for that field. Otherwise the blanks wouldn't be shown.

    For example (based on what is entered into a last name search field):

    Like 'Smith' would show Smith records

    Like '' would show no records (probably not what one would want)

    Like '*' would show all records

    And to counter that I like to have the search fields have a DefaultValue of * and not allow the search fields to be blank.
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