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    Unanswered: problem with import from the dump

    I'm totally new to posgreesql, so sorry if the question is lame.

    I've got the following errors trying to import the dump:

    -- TRY 1
    COPY banner_page (banner_id, node_id) FROM stdin;
    1 25
    3 27

    -- RESULT 1
    "RROR: copy: line 1, Bad int8 external representation "25

    -- TRY 2
    COPY banner (id, picture, href, target, active) FROM stdin;
    1 52 _blank f
    2 88 _blank t

    -- RESULT 2
    'RROR: copy: line 1, Bad boolean external representation 'f

    Strange, the fields types seem to be ok and the syntax seems to be fine according to docs.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks a lot,

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    On a quick glance, what little you show looks fine.

    Wild guess...
    But check your line endings. If the file was moved from Linux to Windows or vice versa, the line endings won't be compatible ('\n' vs '\r\n').

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    Thanks, it was the problem! I edited one string in the old text editor...

    Thanks a lot once again.

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