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    Lightbulb Unanswered: Access on the WEB!!

    I need advice on how to put/convert an Access Database onto the Web.

    I have an Access database of around 400,000 records which needs to be made available on the web. I understand that Access is not the best package at allowing multiple users especially when the database becomes this large, but that is all i know!

    What i'd like is information on how to put databases on the web, right from the start! so things like what package to use, how easy/hard it is to change access into another format, how long it takes, how it sits on your website, how to manage it etc etc.

    Basically, any ideas on this topic would be welcomed!


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    Access can deploy forms on the web as Data Access Pages - but each viewer needs a licensecd copy of a micrpspft DLL - it works ok on intranets.

    The basic data storgae method that Access uses is Jet which some proponents claim has real problems used as a web data store - I have my doubts on that claim, unless you are expecting a massive number of concurrent database requests on your site, providingt hat the datastore is on the same physical server as the webersver.

    If you are intending developing a web site then you have various options, one route is to use the microsoft ASP / ASP.NET scritping language, another is to use PHP, a third route is to use soemthing like Macromedia Coldfusion.

    None of these is particularly quick.

    Depending on the volume of traffic and budget you need to select the data store (as server based datastore would be best) the method of generating the web page.

    Most of the work I've been involved in recently is written PHP using MySQL as the backend. The reason, usually my customers are even more of cheapskate than me so budget is always an issue. For career purposes I'd got ASP/ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL server.

    I have seen numerous helpfull books on wrriting PHP & MySQL books.

    However it depends primarily on how good your basic design is, and somewhat on your programming skills.

    There is totally different design style between web & other systems. its not especially steep learning curve, espescailly with guidance from good books.


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    Perhaps this may hopefully give you some ideas:

    Web Database Concept
    J. Paul Schmidt, Freelance Web and Database Developer
    Access Database Sample, Web Database Sample, ASP Design Tips

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