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Thread: Global storage?

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    Unanswered: Global storage?

    Hi, I have a simple FM7 db with 1 table (tblTopics). I would like to create a lay-out where I can see only those topics where the field "Organised" has the value "No". "Organised" is a text field.
    I tried to solve this problem by creating a table with a global field with the value "no". I matched this field with the "Organised" field using a relationship (=). This doesn't seem to work though. Any suggestions?

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    No need for another table. Just another T(able) O(ccurence) of the first one. Then create a global that is always set to 'no'.

    Now set the relationship to global=Organised.

    Then the display layout and fields will be based on the second (T)(O).

    Should work this way.


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