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    Unanswered: Can a form display info from multiple records?

    Hello, I am somewhat new to access, self taught and only use it for a few things.

    I work for a college, we offer free internet to our students in their dorm rooms, our dorms have 2 bedrooms and a living room, so we have 5 network jacks per room. Each network jack is assigned a IP address, so we have a database that I created that has a form attached to it that assigns a student name, mailbox #, and date to each netowrk jack in each room. So a sample of what we would have is records with 5 entries in the same dorm.
    Dorm 101 would look like the following:

    101, AL (Left Bedroom, Left Jack), FirstName, LastName
    101, AR (Left Bedroom, Right Jack), FirstName, LastName
    101, BL (Right Bedroom, Left Jack), FirstName, LastName
    101, BR (Right Bedroom, Right Jack), FirstName, LastName
    101, LV (Living Room), FirstName, LastName

    There is other information entered for each record but this is the informaiton I need to recall for this form. I would like to make a form that would recall the Names of those assigned to all the jacks in Dorm Room 101. The reasoning behind this is when a person tries to enter a connection letter to activate a jack that is already taken, so we send a letter to this person with the infomraiton of who has control of the network jack they were trying to sign up for.

    In short:
    Is there a way I could put in the dorm number I want, and have the form display the Names and/or jacks they correspond with? The names are the important things to pull from the database, as the jacks do not change from dorm room to dorm room.

    I gretaly appreciate any help that is offered on this issue, I did do some searching for a similar question but could not find one.

    Thank you,

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    Look into using a form/sub-form. The subform contains the specific data you want grouped, the main form has the controls to select the group.

    There are wizards in Access to help you along and a plethera of info in the help files and this forum.

    Good luck!
    have fun!

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    I have tried and continue to try subforms, but it still ties records together instead of letting my jump between records.....

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    How are your tables setup? There's two general approaches here, if you are absolutely sure every room will always have the same number of jacks with the same identifiers (AL, AR etc), then you can put all of the room/jack information in the same table. I would keep the students seperate.

    The other train of thought is creating a table for jack type, a table for rooms, and a table to assign jacks to a room and person. This is more flexible and gives you more "oh crap, didn't think about xxxx possiblity..."
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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