I really need help.
I have designed reports in CR XI developer edition with JDBC Connection. When put on production (different DB), it is giving logon failed error.
CRConfig is properly configured but still have same problem.

I also tried to change the db connection (set db connection) to use production jdbc connection. but it is running forever and my db dies.
SELECT NULL AS table_cat, DECODE(s.table_owner, NULL, t.owner, s.table_owner) AS table_schem, DECODE(s.synonym_name, NULL, t.table_name, s.synonym_name) AS table_name, t.column_name AS column_name, DECODE (t.data_type, 'CHAR', 1, 'VARCHAR2', 12, 'NUMBER', 3, 'LONG', -1, 'DATE', 93, 'RAW', -3, 'LONG RAW', -4, 1111) AS data_type, t.data_type AS type_name, DECODE (t.data_precision, null, t.data_length, t.data_precision) AS column_size, 0 AS buffer_length, t.data_scale AS decimal_digits, 10 AS num_prec_radix, DECODE (t.nullable, 'N', 0, 1) AS nullable, c.comments AS remarks, t.data_default AS column_def, 0 AS sql_data_type, 0 AS sql_datetime_sub, t.data_length AS char_octet_length, t.column_id AS ordinal_position, DECODE (t.nullable, 'N', 'NO', 'YES') AS is_nullable FROM all_tab_columns t, all_col_comm

Can anyone help me how to solve this