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    Unanswered: SQL Server slow


    I am having a problem accessing my sql server database using either Enterprise Manager or Query Analyser. It is awfully slow. Each time I click to expand a database in Enterprise Manager it takes about 25mins to do anything. I was running a DTS package yesterday which failed and have had this problem since. If I access the database via my app everything seems to be running at a normal speed. If I go to my task manager the sql server process is using up 750MB of memory and 750MB of virtual memory??

    Has anyone seen this and know how to fix it???

    Thanks in advance

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    did you try rebooting the client?

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    Thanks for the reply Brett. I seemed to have just sorted out the problem. I managed to get into Query Analyzer and found a process that was chewing up all the memory. Not too sure how it got there but I suspect it may have been some sort of transaction that was rolling back as it was still there after a reboot. Managed to kill the process and then drop the database and instantly everything came back to us.

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