Hi, I am having a hard time to find a solution to work with a lookup field. Here goes the situation:
I have a system which works with 2 diferent database, and a I have a query which has an SQL script that brings the information I need. I have to create a lookup field to get a name from another query. It does work fine, in one database or the other. The fact is that it doesn't go with both because I have to list the fields of the query on the query field list, where delphi set's a type for each field, and one particular field gets a different treatment on each database, so the field type is different. If I don't list them, it works fine, cause delphi works on a variant type, but if I list them, when I change database it pops up a error of field type. My question is: is there a way to work with lookup field and not listing them?
Or anyone have another idea of how to get it to work? I can't change much, like using another query because it is part of a hierarquy!