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    Unanswered: Working with roles and permissions

    Hi, i'm using the last version of ASE (15.0). I want to create a role (for example, Proj_Developers) which will be assigned to users into a database. I want to give permission to the developers to create stored procedures as database owner (dbo) but not to create tables. I could perform that with SQL Server 2000 but I don't how to do with Sybase. If I assign the sa_role role, the developers can create all types of objects. Is it possible to make a restriction for create only some objects as dbo?

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    Yes you can :

    have a look for more answer to this doc ASE 15 URL :

    you can grant create stored proc to user/role

    Granting roles

    To grant roles to users or other roles, use:

    grant role role_granted [{, role_granted}...]
    to grantee [{, grantee}...]



    role_granted – is the role being granted. You can specify any number of roles to be granted.

    grantee – is the name of the user or role. You can specify any number of grantees.

    All roles listed in the grant statement are granted to all grantees. If you grant one role to another, it creates a role hierarchy.

    For example, to grant Susan, Mary, and John the “financial_analyst” and the “payroll_specialist” roles, enter:

    grant role financial_analyst, payroll_specialist
    to susan, mary, john

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