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    Red face Unanswered: Handling totals for many values

    I'm using Crystal v9. The best way to describe what I need is to start with an example. I have several different pay groups (110 to be exact). Examples:
    1 = Reg
    2 = Reg Ot
    3 = PTO
    4 = Holiday
    5 = Holiday Worked

    I have two groups, by department, by job.
    For every job in a department, we want to create totals for the amount of hours an employee worked in the pay group. Essentially, I need to summarize each pay group at the job level and only display those with values. Any given job may only have 5 or 6 pay summary group values.

    For example, expected output would be:
    Totals for job 1020 are:
    1 = 23
    3 = 50
    4 = 75

    I need to be able to create totals for every single pay group that the employee hit under that job. I only want to print the ones with values. Does anyone know how I could possibly do this?????

    Deb S.
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    So tell me if I get this Tree for your form correctly
    You have a DEPARTMENT group
    under the department you want to see the JOB group
    under the job group you want to see the EMPLOYEE
    under the EMPLOYEE you want to see the PAY group

    then summarize every group on their level..

    Let me know if this is what you want to see in the form

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