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    Unanswered: MS Access to SQL

    well I see in 2003 you can create a .adp file

    I imported all my tables in SQL server the created a new Project file .adp

    I have link the table to the Project file
    how do you link comboboxs back to the forms

    in old accress you could just put this in the
    [Forms]![formName]![feildName] in the criteria of the combo box

    how does one do it in a adp file or is this the wrong way of doing it

    do I go back to odbc conection
    hope this help

    See clear as mud

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    I looked at the option of creating ADP files to SQL Server and decided to go the route of writing my code in MSAccess to use unbound forms (i.e. open the recordset and populate the unbound fields on the form, and then on closing the form, opening the recordset and updating the fields if a checkbox (DataUpdated) is checked when the form is closed. The DataUpdated field is marked to true if an afterupdate event occurs on each or any of the fields.

    I like this method as it seems to work very well in a client-server environment with many users using the same mde's and it also makes it easy to create new fields in SQL Server without having to look at outstanding transactions (which could take a while on large recordsets if the form is bound and open by the user).

    We are experimenting with ADP projects but I'm not 100% convinced that this would be an ideal method for us and there wouldn't be some problems with updating/adding fields in SQL Server.

    Thus, I really like the unbound forms method in mdb/mde's. We have functions to Write/Update/and Delete. I just wanted to give you my feedback on this and another option but I don't know your circumstances.
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    Myle, you know better.

    Give more background on what you're doing and what behavior you'd like to see.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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