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    Hello Experts,
    I have this membership database i am working on which has an option of
    active/expired field in it i use that field to filter the active memebrs on
    my report, since i dont delete memebers. Let me explain what is happening

    On my report properties i have this command Record Source:
    SELECT Addresses.* FROM Addresses WHERE (((Addresses.Status)="Active")); for
    filter: ([Status]=1)

    it works fine but when i try to view the report under my member types dield
    i see 1,2,3 which is memberID instead of member types
    (premium,full,newsletter). I am not sure how to fix that problem.

    Any help would be nice..
    here is the link for my database

    Thanks alot

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    Where do you store your member types definitions? I only see one table being referenced in your record source.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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