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    Unanswered: Creating your own installer

    Hey Everyone,

    I was wondering if anybody has done this before and could give me some pointers.

    I want to embed installing the sybase client into the installer software that installs our application. We want to offer a stripped down version of the client install (only that what is needed to connect to our database, no extra tools or whatnot that the user wont be using) and install that allong with our software.
    So it will be:
    - copying the files into a x:\sybase directory
    - possibly copying some files into system32 directory from windows?
    - setting registry items to make sybase work
    - registering certain dlls?
    - changing environment settings?

    Anybody got any suggestions about this?

    Bastiaan Olij

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    Look at the Alternate Installation Methods section for PC Client. The resource file based install should do the trick

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