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    Unanswered: Newbie Questions

    I am very new to this whole Crystal Reports thing and have a few basic questions that i could do with being answered please....

    1) Security: can i prevent a user from entering the design view, i have just looked at report that someone has generated and i was able to enter the design view and delete various data.... i wobviously want to sto this happening with my reports...

    2) Forms:Can i make a front form for my reports? example if i have 10 reports, can i create a menu system, to open each from a form? if i can't do this within cystal, can i open the reports via another program in a menu?

    3) Distribution: Does the user have to have Crystal reports installed on their system to view each report? or can i generate a number of reports store them in a central folder and allow each to run the report of their choice....

    Ideally i would like to produce a menu that the user would choose the report they wish to run and it then generates.....

    Please Advise


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    Andy -

    You can lock out the report under File-->Report Options-->Read Only, then Save it.
    Have never tried the hyperlinking to reports vis Title Page
    Usuallu the end user should have CR to view the file, but you can use a CR viewer for the end users to use as well.
    or search for a true free one.


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