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    Unanswered: No database access after reinstalling system (#1016)

    Certainly i decided to reinstall my WinXP system. To save my MySQL 4.1.7 databases i made a copy of the 'data' folder in the MySQL Server directory.

    Created new system, reinstalled Apache 2.0.52, PHP 4.3.9 and MySQL and copied back the folder. Now I'm able to see the databases (i.e. with phpMyAdmin or MySQL Query Browser), but not able to have access.

    "Can't open file: 'TABELLE.InnoDB' (errno: 1)" ErrorNr. 1016

    That isn't very funny, 'couse it took hard work and long time to create the tables. What can I do to get my databases back? Shouldn't they be stored in the .frm files?

    Thanks for every help!

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