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    Quick question...

    I'm having major trouble trying to figure out what this is trying to get me to do:

    Data Forms are required for documentation and fulfilling procedures within any company. Forms document the requirements in building your database and the user requirements as well as any technical requirements. These Forms are required before building a database.
    Forms are required for each element in building a database, i.e. a form for the Database, a form for each table, and a form for each attribute. These forms are the same at each level.
    Throughout the course, you will be creating Database Forms and Definitions of the terms used in your database forms, which will allow you to build a database. These forms are to be updated after each chapter and will be used as a part of class participation. The forms are to reflect what you have learned from each chapter and do not reflect your experience or standardize forms used in your place of business. Therefore, each term must be identified (named), a description of how this term is to be created, and the page number from the textbook, where you saw a need to create this term.
    If you were to give any student in class your Database Form, you would expect them to fill it out based on your definitions of terms.

    Example: DATABASE FORM I
    1. User Requirements Overview:……………………………….
    2. Database Id:……………………………………………..

    Example: Terms for DATABASE FORM I
    1. The User Requirements Overview is a brief description of the user’s need to create this database. Page 1.
    2. The Database Id is the name of the physical database, which is to be developed from the user requirements. Page 1.
    (You may place length and format restrictions on your terms, i.e. No more than 25 alpha characters.)

    Based on the Lakeview Equipment Example List on page 2, a student (analyst) would fill out the form as follows:
    1. User Requirements Overview:
    The Lakeview Equipment Company wants to record each of its rentals as recorded in its list of daily Job list.
    2. Database Id: Lakeviewrentals

    As the Database Administrator, you would validate the Database Id with all other Ids in use and inform the Analyst whether or not the Database Id is acceptable.

    As you work your way through Chapter 1 and additional chapters, more terms will be added to your form and you may create additional forms. Remember to create those forms and terms, which will be used to create your database!

    The more i read it, i think that I'm just supposed to build the forms...but forms of what?

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    Remain calm. You only need three pages.

    A database form with a list of terms, term definitions and page sources.
    A table form with a list of terms, term definitions and page sources.
    An attribute form with a list of terms, term definitions and page sources.

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