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Thread: ODBC via C/C++

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    Unanswered: ODBC via C/C++

    I'm attempting to use Borlands C++builder to open an Access database stored on my local drive. I'm getting a ton of unresolved externals.

    In the mean time while I grapple with the compiler, does anyone know where I can find a sample program/tutorial with the C/C++ specifics for getting into an Access database?

    thanks for any help you can provide!

    - john ferguson, kansas city,

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    // This program connects to an ODBC data source called "db97". It then executes a SQL statement “SELECT Model

    // FROM Makes WHERE Make = 'Vauxhall';" which should return all models made by Vauxhall stored in the database
    // Author: Mark Lee-Dell Date: 28/05/99 Name: sqlexecute.cpp

    #include <windows.h>

    #include <sqlext.h>

    #include <stdio.h>

    int main(void)


    HENV hEnv = NULL; // Env Handle from SQLAllocEnv()

    HDBC hDBC = NULL; // Connection handle

    HSTMT hStmt = NULL; // Statement handle

    UCHAR szDSN[SQL_MAX_DSN_LENGTH] = "db97"; // Data Source Name buffer
    UCHAR* szUID = NULL; // User ID buffer

    UCHAR* szPasswd = NULL; // Password buffer

    UCHAR szModel[128]; // Model buffer

    SDWORD cbModel; // Model buffer bytes recieved

    UCHAR szSqlStr[] = "Select Model From Makes Where Make='Vauxhall'"; // SQL string

    RETCODE retcode; // Return code

    // Allocate memory for ODBC Environment handle

    SQLAllocEnv (&hEnv);

    // Allocate memory for the connection handle

    SQLAllocConnect (hEnv, &hDBC);

    // Connect to the data source "db97" using userid and password.

    retcode = SQLConnect (hDBC, szDSN, SQL_NTS, szUID, SQL_NTS, szPasswd, SQL_NTS);

    if (retcode == SQL_SUCCESS || retcode == SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO)


    // Allocate memory for the statement handle

    retcode = SQLAllocStmt (hDBC, &hStmt);

    // Prepare the SQL statement by assigning it to the statement handle

    retcode = SQLPrepare (hStmt, szSqlStr, sizeof (szSqlStr));

    // Execute the SQL statement handle

    retcode = SQLExecute (hStmt);

    // Project only column 1 which is the models

    SQLBindCol (hStmt, 1, SQL_C_CHAR, szModel, sizeof(szModel), &cbModel);

    // Get row of data from the result set defined above in the statement

    retcode = SQLFetch (hStmt);

    while (retcode == SQL_SUCCESS || retcode == SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO)


    printf ("\t%s\n", szModel); // Print row (model)

    retcode = SQLFetch (hStmt); // Fetch next row from result set


    // Free the allocated statement handle

    SQLFreeStmt (hStmt, SQL_DROP);

    // Disconnect from datasource

    SQLDisconnect (hDBC);


    // Free the allocated connection handle

    SQLFreeConnect (hDBC);

    // Free the allocated ODBC environment handle

    SQLFreeEnv (hEnv);

    return 0;


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