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    Unanswered: TCP/IP error 111

    Any help / direction wit the following client error?

    FUNCTION: DB2 UDB, common communication, sqlcctcpconnr, probe:110

    MESSAGE : DIA3202C The TCP/IP call "connect" returned an errno="111".

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    If this is a Linux Client, then errno 111 is:

    The connection has been refused.
    If you are trying to connect to the database, check that the database
    manager and TCP/IP protocol support at the server have been started

    So, I would advise you check:

    - DB2 is running on the Server (ie you can connect locally )
    - DB2COMM=tcpip registry variable is set on the server
    - You can telnet to the Server/Port from the Client (which is a good way to test the Port is open, and the Server is up, and the routing is ok).
    - You have cataloged the Client with the correct details.

    Graham Martin

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