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    Unanswered: Linked Table to Access

    I've created a linked table to Access. I want to be able to delete records and modify existing records through this linked table. I used the account with sa privelleges yet i am unable to delete/update any records.

    Does anyone know if there is any fix or am i doing anything wrong ?

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    Are you getting any sort of error messages?
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    SQL Server Permissions

    Try going into SQL Server under Roles for that database. Click on the Public and make sure all the user created tables are checked in the rows for all the columns (green checkmark). Also make sure you have permissions which is sounds like you do as well as any other users. Maybe add your login account to the Security and then also to the database Users. It should default to the Public role as permissions. Did you set SQL Server up with Mixed Authentication?
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    Also check that you have unique indexes\ PKs set up for the table. Access won't edit data in a linked table without a candidate key field(s). It will draw this from the BE or request this from you when you link if such a constraint isn't defined in the BE. If you don't specify these fields in the latter instance then Access will link to the data but you get read only acccess.

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