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    Exclamation Unanswered: I Need Big Help From You VB Programmers ??!!

    Hi All
    First Of All:
    1-Am Useing VB & MS Access Database
    2- Am Using Adodc To Connect My DB To My Project

    I What I did :
    I made a table name PARA with one field called Namepart and i have another table with Acccount Name

    then I have made a query with the 2 tables above i called it Query3
    i want from this query the following
    when i write a character in the Para Table
    the query will Show all The Account names include that character
    for exm:
    I saved in The Para Table this Character A
    then the query will bring me all the Account name includes A
    like AMJAD , MAD , AMD, DAM , MDA

    i made this section and it worked correctly in the MS ACCESS

    my problem is :
    when i drag the adodc in my form and and when i build the provider i used privder 4 and i choosed the 2cmd table which is query 3
    and i test the connection with the DB its succeful
    When I run It

    The adodc doesnt work ???!!!!!!!!!!
    why ????????????????????????

    plz i really need ur help Programmers in that
    and i really appreaciate when any one can help me
    Sami Al Damiri ...

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    don't use this way

    adodc is useful only for beginners to study
    use recordset and connections - it's more useful

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    So far as you mentioned your connection is successful, next you select a cursor type in your adodc property, select adOpenDynamic, then select a command type.
    then if for example if you are using textbox as control object set the DataSource property to your adodc and the datafield to your field name.
    In summary , in your ADODC-
    1. Set the connection
    2. Set cursor type
    3. Set command type
    Bind your data control/s to specific field/s using DataField property.

    As you explained, you have two data controls. I presumed you have a text box where you want to enter your search parameter and a grid or sets of text boxes to display datafield values from another table. YOu need to link these two tables with a common datafield of the same type and name. You also need to create an event code to search the other table when you make changes on the text parameter textbox. I presumed you know how, otherwise you need to grab a VB tutorial book.

    When I write application, I prefer coding the property methods because it is easier to debug or to see the flow of my application when I want to refer to it later.
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