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    Unanswered: Restore to Rebuilt server

    Oracle 10i
    backup via Enterprise Manager panels. backup of Whole DB & ArchiveLogs.

    - The Scenario. I took Database L0 & Log backups on PROD server which went to the 'recovery' directory. No Catalogue DB, just using control file.
    - The PROD server fails due to some hardware failure but all files are backed up to tape.
    - We build a new server trying our best to make it like the original. Restore the backed up files from tape to local disk on NEW server.
    - Trying to catalog files but does not work. Oracle does not see these files anymore.

    How can I (or can it be done) restore the old backup files to this new server so that we can get PROD up again? What are the critical components to review(usual point of failure)?
    - servername. server config. server IP's???
    - file locations?

    If a relocated restore can't be done, which I've read on some sites at least for older Oracle versions, then is this just because of the way it was backed up? Is there a alternative way so that it can be restored on a different server? Export? Directly using RMAN instead of EM?


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    I hope you have a "senior" (one who knows how to recover an Oracle DB) DBA on staff or you have an up to date resume available offsite.

    Rhetorical question -
    why do so many folks post problem reports & yet never specify actual error codes & messages.
    (you are not charged by the character to post here.)

    If you've done anything more than issuing a "STARTUP" command,
    I hope you have a backup of your backups, 'cuz most likely what is now on disk is useless.

    Alternatively, if you have lots of money to throw at this situation,
    you have hire Oracle to bring inhouse its DUL utility to extract the data.

    HTH & YMMV!
    You can lead some folks to knowledge, but you can not make them think.
    The average person thinks he's above average!
    For most folks, they don't know, what they don't know.
    Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement.

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    Ha Ha Ha. Good one. No, it's not serious. Actually it's a PreProduction Oracle server that we have staged to go live soon. I am testing a scenario where if this server crapped out, if it was possible to restore the database onto a rebuilt server. We like to know now what is possible before going live on the server.

    Our shop is primirily SQL Server 2000 so the 4 dba's here are all versed at SQL. We have 1 application called ChainLink (now ITGC) that only runs in Oracle, but needs very little DB maintenaince so the company did not hire any Oracle dba's. I am learning as we go and finding the differences between SQL, Informix, UDB, and Oracle. Oracle is the only RDBMS that I have never worked with.

    I did not post any error codes/msg since none was returned. I copied the backup files(db,log,control file) back to disc on the rebuilt server, then via EM, tried to CATALOG the files so Oracle can recognize for a restore. It finishes catalog with 'process completed' with no errors, but of course, nothing shows up as catalogued.

    We've done more that 'STARTUP' but not a whole lot more. Like I said, none of us are versed in Oracle. We config Oracle, added a DB's. Setup the backups and logs to archivelog. Fixed alot of listener port, ip port issues that we had. But this relocated restore from a previous backup is more advanced and not well documented or talked about on many forums.

    No, we do not have alot of money to throw and luckily we do not have to since it's not a critical system(yet).

    Appreciate if someone can throw a bone and clue me in a little. If this can't be done, can someone just tell me it can't be done (a relocated restore from a backup off another server with 10i ) so I can stop researching and testing. If it can be done, can I get some clues, or maybe an alternative way to do something similar in case of the following:

    - Server1 is production. It fails but the DB is backed up to file
    - Server2 is built to look like server 1.
    - Restore Server2 with Server1 DB back ups


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    If you have the RMAN backups then do this:

    1) You need to know the DBID (Hope you kept the backup log!).
    And have an init.ora file.

    2) Start RMAN as:

    rman nocatalog
    3) Execute some commands like these:
    connect target system/paswsword
    startup nomount;
    set dbid 123456780;
      RESTORE CONTROLFILE FROM '/mypath/backup/rman_file_name';

    The person who says it can't be done should not interrupt the person doing it. -- Chinese proverb

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