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    Unanswered: picture in database

    I have create a program using access as database, and crystel report XI. I want to know what is the best way to put a picture in the table that already exits, and how does it wrk.


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    I thinkt there has been at least one question on this before in this forum. I do not use crystal reports so anything said here is potentially limited.

    you can either keep the images in a database or keep the path to the image int he db but keepthe image outside the db.

    There are advantages and disadvantages of both approachs
    keeping in the db:-
    1) users can't access modify the mages without going throiugh the db
    2) it can be easier to use the image in programs accessignt the db
    3) ths image cannot be modified (changed or deleted or edited) without going through the interface
    4) you can only store information that you have direct access to. if your db needs to refer to external images there may be copyright issues if you store other organsiations images in your db. You also could have a maintenance issue (say if your organsiation changes its corporate image, or has a new set of corporate beauty shots of the ceo) you have to store all the new images before they can be used - if you store the path you will only need to add new image refs as required if they overwrite the images then the app continues to work with no user intervention.

    keeping only the path in the db:-
    1) data storage requirements for the db drop dramatically
    2) as images tend to be static in content you are conserving backup time and resources by keeping the path to the image
    3) the image can be modified or updated easily by other image processing programs. The security aspect can be faked by careful use of netwrok share permissions.
    4) if your application is a webserver or netwrok aware then the image can come from any network aware resource. If its a web app then you can link to images outside your control (eg in secured areaas of an intranet where you have read only access) or on other companies sites.

    I'm sure there are more plusses and minuses out there - whenever I've hit this problem I've always opted for the store the path route.

    just my tuppeny ha'porth (loose translation for those US based "2 cents worth")

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    This program is going to work only on a standalone Pc, So I think I will use the second option, but how does O let it work, I am new to


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    Wrong forum. try visual basic.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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