I have the following asp script as shown below that uses a stored procedure in SQL Server

the table Iam inserting to has the following structure

-----------Table Structure ------------------------
Date_of_pro datetime 8
Rep_Pros varchar 300
Rep_Def varchar 300
T_Tras text 16
Motion text 16
Ruling text 16
ements text 16

------------------Stored Procedure -------------------------
CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[sp_tbl_Proceedings]
(@Date_of_pro [datetime],
@Rep_Pros [varchar](300),
@Rep_Def [varchar](300),
@T_Tras [text],
@Motion [text],
@Ruling [text],
@ements [text])

AS INSERT INTO [tbl_DJ_Registry_Proceedings]


--------------------- ASP SCRIPT --------------------------

set cmd = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Command")
cmd.ActiveConnection = MM_connDTJ_STRING
cmd.CommandText = "dbo.sp_tbl_Proceedings"
cmd.CommandType = 4
cmd.CommandTimeout = 0
cmd.Prepared = true

cmd.Parameters.Append cmd.CreateParameter("@Date_of_pro", 135, 1,8,cmd__Date_of_pro)
cmd.Parameters.Append cmd.CreateParameter("@Rep_Pros", 200, 1,300,cmd__Legal_Rep_Prosecution)
cmd.Parameters.Append cmd.CreateParameter("@Rep_Def", 200, 1,300,cmd__Legal_Rep_Defendant)
cmd.Parameters.Append cmd.CreateParameter("@T_Tras", 200, 1,16,cmd__Trial_Trasactions)
cmd.Parameters.Append cmd.CreateParameter("@Motion", 200, 1,16,cmd__Motions)
cmd.Parameters.Append cmd.CreateParameter("@Ruling", 200, 1,16,cmd__Rulings)
cmd.Parameters.Append cmd.CreateParameter("@ements", 200, 1,16,cmd__Judgements)


------------------------Error Message -----------------------

ADODB.Command error '800a0d5d'

Application uses a value of the wrong type for the current operation.

line 56

-----------------my suspicion------------------
Line 56 is where the command starts to append the parameters for the text field as you can see below
------------line 56 that starts to throw the error--------
cmd.Parameters.Append cmd.CreateParameter("@T_Tras", 200, 1,16,cmd__Trial_Trasactions)

I use dreamweaver MX and it automaitcally uses 200,1,16 for database text fields. I dont want to change the datatype of the field to varchar(for now thats not an option).... so I welcome anyone with a solution. Thanks