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    Unanswered: Footer getting overlapped with Data in Crystal Reports

    Hi All,
    I'm using Crystal Reports Enterprise Edition 9.0. I have the RAS installed on Windows 2000 operating system and the browser is IE6.The Datasource i'm using is Oracle 9i.

    My report has a subreport(not an on-demand subreport). Let us assume that the main report shows the detailed data of a particular customer and the subreport shows the summarized data. So, when i drill down on a particular customer field the summarized data of that customer should be displayed through the subreport.

    Now the issue i have is, when ever i try to drill down the customer field, the footer of report screen that contains the navigation buttons like previous,
    next, first, last is overlapping with the data. I'm facing this problem only when i try to view the report from the browser window. Where as, when i try the same thing from the designer tool i'm not facing any problem.

    Please any one let me know what could be the possible reason for this. Whether it is a problem with ActiveX Viewer or RAS or my Browser Settings.
    Please any one help me in fixing the problem.


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    Add Another section below the footer and move your nav buttons there, in other words separate your nave buttons from the summary information.

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