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    Cool Unanswered: import into combobox

    Morning all, or afternoon. I have a comumn of 800 names but only about 20 unique names, just spratically repeated. I need to make a combo box on a userfrom that will read those 20 names so I later send that name into a pivot table on the userform so it only shows the lines in the spreadsheet that have that persons name. Basically I am trying to make a userform that will tell each person all the different tasks they are responsible for when they select their name from the list in the combo box. And incase anyone asks, the names change frequently so I can't just type them in. Thanks

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    Depending on how you want to do this, probably VBA code, you can use the Advanced Filter on the names, and choose to show only unique names, and place it in another column, and give it a dynamic named range. Then, in code you could refer to the dynamic named range and supply that data to the UserForm.
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