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    Unanswered: partioning problem with Oracle 8i data warehouse

    I need to figure out the best way to partition our 12 TB Oracle 8.1.7 database on Solaris for our data warehouse environment. We use fiscal weeks (53 weeks per fiscal year) for our time dimension table. What would be the best way to split up the partitions using 12 million rows per partition? Should we use range or composite partitioning or hash partitioning? Thanks.


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    The only real way to tell is to try the different types of partitioning and see which works best with your app, server and workload. To do this reliably you need production data and hardware which is as close to your production hardware as is possible. Then when you have found your ideal solution you need to prove it behaves the same on your actual production hardware otherwise you might be in for some surprises.


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