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    Unanswered: PostgreSQL or MySQL

    What is better? PostgreSQL or MySQL? In my opinion, Mysql is more habitually. But it is my opinion.

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    I don't know what "more habitually" means - perhaps you mean "more popular" and that is true. This is probably because PostgreSQL did not have a native Windows port until version 8.0. Version 8.1 was just released and the Windows port appears to be working pretty well. There is quite a debate between PostgreSQL and MySQL users and I am in favor of PostgreSQL. You might look a t the recent thread on the PostgreSQL website - general discussion group. The issue was discussed at great length. There was also a recent interview with the president of - the second largest Internet miusic site. They recently changed from MySQL to PostgreSQL and he called the decision a "no-brainer".

    Finally, PostgreSQL is totally free whereas MySQL is free only if you don't plan to distribute it.

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    If your system works with money then MySQL is unfit.
    I don't trust DBMS not including transaction.

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    I always say If someone asks this question - it would be better to change to sqllite.

    Because then you don't need a database.
    --Postgresql is the only kind of thing--

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    Cool Postgresql is our database of choice

    About a year ago today, I have asked a similar question to many forums maybe even this one. We were trying to select a RDBMS of choice for our large project,

    Not satisfied with many ambigious answers we decided to do our own research. We have large amounts of data from merchants about 9 million records totaling about 12 GB of data.

    In summary Postgresql was slower but it works very stable.
    MySQL crashed about 30% of the time while importing the data.

    Andrew - DBA from

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