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    OK, I think this should be easier than it actually is, but I just cant seem to get my head around it.


    - For a particular encounter may have any number of subjects the encounter covers.
    - For that same encounter any number of activity codes may be applicable.

    I have user forms for both the activity and the subject, where a user can check those applicable types.

    I am storing the encounter in a table lets call it tblEncounter (EncounterID, StaffID, EncounterDate, EncounterNotes)

    Initially I thought that I might store the selected values as strings in the field, but then realized that I will need to be able to summarize on these values so I need to store them in a table. So I came up with two other tables tblEncounterActivity (EncounterID, ActivityID) and tblEncounterSubject(EncounterID, SubjectID)

    tblEncounterActivity and tblEncounterSubject need an EncounterID to make entry possible (both are composite keys), but the entry really isn't completed and entered into the tblEncounter table until the notes are done.

    Should I continue to store the values, then when the note is added go through and do an insert for each subject and each activity in thier respective tables?

    Who would I implement sorting on the encounter level then too?

    This just gets greyer and greyer the more I delve into it.

    So, does anyone have any suggestions etc. for this?

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    Depends ... Are you saving the encounter and then updating the notes after the fact?

    As a matter of fact, what are your requirements for this process?
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    As follows:

    Project managers will have encounters with agencies.
    An encounter may encompass several subjects (i.e. Discussions regarding accessing public reports and reading said reports).
    An encounter may encompass several activity codes (i.e. Information about quality improvement and on site support)
    Activities must be able to be reported on and summarrized by month and by facility (number of entounters with activity X summarized by month) as this is reportable to the higher powers that be.
    Encounters must also capture the date, the PM who had the encounter.
    Encounters are associated with an individual at an agency.
    Encounter information must be easily accessible from the main screen and display respective information for the agency which is being viewed.
    Encounters must be sortable by Date, Project Manage, Activity and Subject

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    I think you're spot on. I would hold all of your subject and activity codes in whatever type of local storage facility you like (recordset, listbox, whatever) then post them once the user indicates they're finished with the record. Sorting works just like any other query... hook up your activity and subject tables and sort/filter to what you want.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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