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    Unanswered: Can't export a form

    When I export a form from database A to database Bn I'm getting the following error message: ''Error accessing file. Network connection may have been lost''

    If I open the form in database A there is no problem.

    What is goin on?

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    I get that a lot too, I could never explain it. But I noticed it happens to forms with objects that has ambigous names. So what really cause this error to happen.

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    Importing forms

    Question: Do you have 2 versions of MSAccess on the same machine? We had problems importing forms and then NOT immediately debugging when we had 2 versions of MSAccess (2000 and XP). This though caused the database to not debug at all and the solution was to open it up using the /decompile command, delete the form/report, close, open it again in /decompile mode, create the form/report (with the EXACT same name), add in 1 control on the form, save it, close the mdb, open it again in /decompile mode, delete the form/report, and then re-import making sure we debugged it before we did anything else (including adding a control or editing the vba code.)

    This may or may not be the same problem but I thought I'd throw this out there as there seems to be very little documentation on this problem. When we removed MSAccess 2000 and just had XP on the same machine, this problem seemed to go away and we were able to import forms/reports without having to immediately debug.
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    I only develop on Access 2000.

    I guess I will have to revert to a former version of my code since this problem has erased the form on the database I was exporting to

    Any other idea?

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    This error is a not so common symptom of corruption in the file.

    Assuming you've tried the normal "Compact & Repair" stuff (on a COPY of the corrupt file!), you could upload your file here for a free recovery report:
    (We have custom software that will analyse your file and will let you know if the form is completely corrupt or if it is repairable.)

    If you just want to try other ways of repairing the file yourself, have a read of this article:

    Access Database Corruption Repair Guide

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