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    Unanswered: data from pervasiveDB to msSQLdb ???

    I am trying to find a solution to get data from a pervasive.SQL 2000i V8 database (on insert or update) into a MS SQLdb

    which means, when I enter information into a table in the pervasiveDB it should also be put into the MSdb... same thing for updating...

    i not sure about the possibilities these 2 db's have, so I am hoping for a smart person to take a couple of mins to give me some hints or solutions...

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    If you are writing the application, then you should code it to write to both databases. If this is an existing app and an ongoing thing, you'll probably want to look at the Integration products from Pervasive.

    Now, a quesiton. Why are you wanting to put data into two different database systems?
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    the problem is that there are 2 applications already with databases, one of them is for detailed infromation on the customer (flowfact, MS SQL, DB1), the otherone is for the services and products sold to the customer (levelup, pervasive, DB2), now i want that when a new customer is put into DB2 also the same information is put into DB1, but not the other way arround. same thing for updating. (stuff like: custumer id, name, address, zip, city, bank information, etc.)

    all the customer information from db2 was put into db1 with export/import functions... and the customer id is the same... the application of db1 is quite bad and doesnt support any plug-ins or stuff like that...

    i hope the idea is clear...

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    does anybody have an idea? I have to do this as a project for my internship, but nobody here konws anything about it.

    any hint would be helpfull..


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