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    Unanswered: Sql2216n

    Using DB2 UDB v7.2 on Windows Server 2000.
    Trying to run a reorg on a table that I'm having problems with.
    I get the following error:

    SQL2216N SQL error "-1218" occurred while reorganizing a database table.

    I click on Help to get further information and it says:

    User Response: Look at the SQLCODE (message number) in the message for mor information. Make changes and resubmit the command.

    I searched on SQL2216N which only repeats the above. I can't seem to find anything that relates -1218 to SQL2216N.

    I did find SQL1218N with an associated sqlcode -1218 but that is not my error.

    Can someone point me in the direction I need to go for a description of my error?

    Thanks in advance

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    the error is sql1218n : not enough pages in bufferpool
    have a look at that area..
    Best Regards, Guy Przytula
    DB2/ORA/SQL Services
    DB2 DBA & Advanced DBA Certified
    DB2 Dprop Certified

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