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    Unanswered: A string can be at most 65534

    I have a report that lists a text field in multiple lines. This column on the report to only list 65 characters per line, and then I need count the number of lines printed for each ID. However it shows the number of lines but when i click on the show next page or show last page I get a message stating "A string can be at most 65534". Any ideas?


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    Use Trim() function on the fields, there might some records on the following page that contains field data with lots of spaces or tabs. As alternate change variable type to long integer to accomodate longer string data.

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    First of all the text field should be variable length character datatype, or that the max. length for text is 65534. You can also check the text' property to 'Can Grow' option. You can also check the report layout, if its in portrait layout then make sure that its in landscape layout.

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