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    Unanswered: Microsoft Office Can't Display Help

    When I am viewing a module in Access 2000 (Microsoft Visual Basic) and click on HELP, the office assistant pops up. I type what I'm searching for. A list of options comes up but when I click on the one I'm interested in, I get the error message "Microsoft Office Can't Display Help. An error occurred and this feature is no longer functioning properly. Would you like to repair this feature now?" If I click Yes, an 'installer runs' without error, but it does not fix this problem.

    If I turn off the assistant, I do not get an error message however, when I click on the help I'm interested in, nothing happens.

    This feature used to work (up until this week!). I'm suspecting some Winddows 2000 Hot Fix got pushed to my PC that has caused this problem, but I'm not sure what that push was.

    Any ideas as to how to get this functioning again? I'm running Windows 2000 SP 4.

    Thanks in advance.

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    it could be many things, most of them not related to Access. Have you tried this web site:
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    KB249065 describes the exact behavior although I'd love to understand what caused the problem. The help files worked for well over a year and now they don't. Lots of security patches get pushed to the PCs so I have to suspect that these updates had something to do with this.

    Looks like I need to find the following files:


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