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    Question Unanswered: tablespace offline due to missing container

    Our database is db2 v 7.2, DMS .

    One of the tablespaces is damaged, status is offline. By looking at the logs, it was found that one on the containers is missing. A container was accidentally got deleted from the disk.

    This tablespace is offline now. It had 6 containers. The container added last is the one that got deleted.
    I know that we can not bring back the data that was stored in that missing container.
    But, is there any way to make the tablespace online again? Can it connect back to the remaining 5 containers?

    Please let me know if you have any information on this.


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    alter tablespace <tbspacename> switch online
    will work?

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    You have to recreate the missing container; load(at a minimum) the tablespace from the latest backup and recover the tablespace to end of logs. Or load the entire database from backup and recover. Allowing you to continue with 5 out of 6 disks, would make database inconsistent, which is a NO NO.

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