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    Unanswered: yes/no boxes

    I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me with yes/no boxes. I have a form that I'm using yes/no boxes to list different descriptions, I want my report to not list all the yes/no boxes only the ones that have been checked. I might have three or four descriptions that would need to be listed in one field. Is there a way I can have my report show those?

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    Check boxes

    There's 2 ways I can think of off-hand to do this: 1 way would be to edit the Record Source of the report and put in criteria under the CheckBoxFieldName column to only = true (which will only show you records where this field = True) or 2. if you want to show all the records, add in some code in the On_Format event of that section which sets the CheckBoxFieldName to visible if it = true or visible = false if the value = False.

    Others might have some other ideas.
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    agree with Paul

    in you reports 'on format' event place soem code to ake the controls visible

    assuming that the name of the controls on the report are mycontrol1, mycontrol2, mycontrol3, anbd that you have bound them to the the relvant yes / no columns in your data set

    if you want to inhibit printing then you can cancel the printing of the detail (ie the entire row set the cancel=true in 'on format')
    if you bind the control to the dtaa

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